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I am a product and a proponent of public education: a strong school system helps create a strong community.  As an educator-turned-parent, I want to make sure we value the knowledge and information from educators, administration, and other experts.
the voice of the community with information gained by continual outreach.

I sat on the Strategic Planning Committee, which created a new Community Outreach Committee to ensure the district gets the right information to the right people. Our Board has initiated discussions and outreach events to understand the needs and desires of our community. We did not shy away from difficult discussions. We created Committee of the Whole meetings in order to engage interested individuals more openly.  The Board of Education for D41 should make decisions in the best interest of the district, its students, and its overall success.  

the experts, the evidence, and the information they bring us.
D41 employs amazing teachers, administrators, and academic coaches.  They are hard-working, motivated, and effective.  Board action should reflect the expertise of the teachers and administration, and educational research.  When matters arose that were less aligned with education, but still affected our schools and our children, I have made data-driven, research-based decisions, in line with experts' advice.  
our educational investments by properly funding our programs to allow for educational growth and change for a 21st century economy.

Research indicates that a high quality early childhood education pays a community back many times over when the children it serves become adults: more education, higher wages, fewer incidents of imprisonment, and a better quality of life. So,  I remain committed to implementing Full Day Kindergarten in D41. Today, 80% of Illinois school districts offer full day kindergarten.  90% of DuPage County districts offer full day kindergarten.  Glen Ellyn District 41 does not yet.  


Many voters are not in our school system, but are a part of our community.  A coveted school district helps them, too: our schools attract buyers, which makes our houses more valuable.  Buyers pay more and give up must-haves in a new house for a good school.

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